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BACO Foundation has been implementing education programs in Kyangwali refugee settlements in western region since 2016. Due to the rapid increase in the number of refugee children, BACO conducted surveys on education in the region and there was need for quality and affordable education.

The results showed that while the number of refugees is increasing, education is not being adequately supported by the settlement authorities.

There are nine public primary schools in the Kyangwali refugee settlement, but some schools have few classrooms.

In one classroom there are more than 200 students. There is not enough textbook for each child, and several children have to share a textbook. This situation makes it difficult for children to concentrate and perform very well in their tests.

The reality is that many children do not attend school because they do not see the point in going to school due to the harsh environment, poverty and traditional beliefs. One parent said” Girls do not need to go to school as for their work is to deal with house chores.” This is wrong according to man’s rights. At BACO Foundation,we do believe that when you educate a woman,you educate the whole nation.

To improve this situation, BACO Foundation began the education support program for children and opened a primary school with the aim of serving both refugees and the host communities.

Through BACO Foundation, Rukundo Integrity Nursery and primary school was born and it currently serves a population of more than 600 children who get breakfast,lunch and few get super at school.

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Building African Communities Opportunities “BACO” is a community-based organization that aim at empowering leaders who can work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get excellent
education. Following the long suffering of the orphaned children and the community in general, due to increased poverty, diseases, violence, high rate of school dropout and HIV/AIDS risks, a group of youth , realized a need to start up NGO in order to support the community.

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