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Building African Communities Opportunities “BACO”, is a foundation that was born in 2016 and started its full operation in 2019, it is found in kyangwali refugee settlement kikuube district in Uganda. This was  found specifically to address challenges in the camp such as poverty, unwanted teenage pregnancies , early marriages and many more to mention but a few. Due to the experience and skills that the youth had acquired, they believed for example if a girl child can stay long in school while studying, will reduce on early marriages, hence an idea to start school under the foundation and furthermore, to support  those that were already affected. The foundation decided to come up with the idea of tailoring project where mostly single mothers can acquire tailoring skills so as to be able to support their families.
The foundation has a total of 601 people that it is supporting of which 378 are girls, and 223 are boys pursuing primary education and 85 single mothers doing tailoring. The foundation believes it can do more than that in transforming many people’s lives if given support basically financial support. 

However, currently the BACO foundation gets its support from individual contributions, parents also bring food stuffs to support on feeding pupils, foundation projects like tailoring project, Agriculture among others

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The foundation also aims at expanding its territories by buying more land so as to be able to accommodate a very big number of people and carry out more projects to benefit the community


Advisory Board Members.

Muhumuza Jackson

Founder and Executive Director.

Elizabeth Rollins


 BACO Foundation Executive Director- USA

Jean Baptiste Nizeyimana

Board Member

Amy Rollins

Board Member

Senior Leadership Structure.


School Director

Asinguza Kenneth

BACO Treasurer

Abalo Sunday


Scholarship Manager

Barack Everest.


Project Manager

Ntegeka Simon.

Director of Studies.

Muganyizi Marion

Finance Overseer

Okene Aliado

Secondary Students Prefect.

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