Transforming communities by inspiring people throughout the global to open their minds and accept the fundamental values of education to avail sustainable life to people with intellectual disabilities and thereby anyone who is perceived as different.


Baco Foundation

Building African Communities Opportunities “BACO” is a community-based organization that aim at empowering leaders who can work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get excellent education. Following the long suffering of the orphaned children and the community in general, due to increased poverty, diseases, violence, high rate of school dropout and HIV/AIDS risks, a group of youth, realized a need to start up NGO in order to support the community.

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We aim at buying more tailoring machines and recruit more trainers so that we can support both women and men that is willing to acquire the skills.


Provide relief food support to vulnerable families especially the hungry.

baco foundation

BACO Foundation has been implementing education programs in Kyangwali refugee settlements in western region since 2016. Due to the rapid increase in the number of refugee children, BACO conducted surveys on education in the region and there was need for quality and affordable education.

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Baco Foundation

Under our few unique objectives and that of The ministry of sports and education in Uganda, we have always realized that children need plenty of unstructured play and activity like running, chasing and playground games. This includes everyday physical activity such as walking to school, riding bicycle, playing football, netball and volleyball.

These kinds of unstructured, everyday physical activities can be more affordable and easier to fit into busy family life than organised activities and sports. And they all add up to a more active lifestyle for your child which also help in psychosocial development of children.

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